ISO9001:2015 품질경영시스템

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EZ그룹은 세계최초로 EZ FREE SHEET를 개발에 성공하여 특허를 등록하여 앞서나가는 기술력을 인정받은데 이어 품질에서도 앞서나가는 싸인소재전문회사로 발돋움하고 있다. 2020년 품질경영에서 ISO9001-2005 를 획득하여 EZ그룹이 생산하는 제품이 품질면에서도 세계적인 싸인소재들과 비교해도 월등히 앞서는 기술과 품질력을 갖추었음을 알리게 되었다.




ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System  GSIGN


EZ Group succeeded in developing EZ FREE SHEET for the first time in the world and has been recognized for its advanced technology by registering patents, and has become a company specializing in sign materials that is also excels in quality. By acquiring ISO 9001-2005 in quality management in 2020, it was announced that the products produced by EZ Group had technology and quality that far outperformed global sign materials in terms of quality.

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